How Minsk surprises foreigners

How Minsk surprises foreigners

What do foreigners like the most about Minsk? They like sights, nature, cuisine and history. Foreign students come to the capital of Belarus to attend Belarusian workshops and get experience from Belarusian experts. The International public association Teatro alongside with the French Theatre Association have been giving master classes for European students in Belarus for 10 years. The Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama teaches European students. Charlotte and Gabriel came to study theatrics in 2017. Charlotte has always wanted to become an actress and to know Belarusian drama school better. She heard about the traineeship in Minsk and went here without thinking.

Charlotte Rautenfeld, an International public association Teatro project trainee (France):
My friends came here two years ago and were impressed. I decided to go to Belarus for nine months.

Gabriel arrived in Minsk to visit theatres and to adopt the best practices from the Belarusian colleagues.

Gabriel Peak, an International public association Teatro project trainee (France):
A friend of mine told me that she founded a school in Belarus. I learned about the school on the Internet and decided to visit it.

The Belarusian drama school differs radically from the French one. Belarusians prepare more versatile actors, who can dance, sing, make different tricks and, for sure, act a part finely.

Gabriel Peak:
Here you have different view on a theater. French theatres are mostly in our minds. We speak a lot. And the Belarusian theater is mostly in the body. We not only speak, but also sing. We are boxing, fencing and developing our articulation.

French actors practice six days a week. Sometimes the studies last until late at night. The students are sure that this rigorous course will help them to be competent in France.

Charlotte Rautenfeld:
We attend classes from 8 a.m. to 9-10 p.m. It is not easy, but we like it.

Some students managed to take part in several performances of the Republican Theatre of Belarusian Drama. One of the greatest performances is a New Year dramatic concert “Christmas-time rendezvous”.

Gabriel Peak:
We got dressed in emblematic theatricals, huge shirts. We were dancing and singing folk songs.

Despite the busy schedule, our characters find time to see Minsk.

Gabriel Peak:
Minsk is smaller than Paris, but I like it.

The youngsters also got acquainted with Belarusians and point out Belarusian hospitality.

Gabriel Peak:
You are very hospitable nation. Tea, biscuits, I’m pleased.

Charlotte Rautenfeld:
They seem to be not talkative, but when you fall into talk with them the Belarusians turn to be just the opposite.

Aliche and Daniel came to Minsk to volunteer, as Belarus is a member of European Voluntary Service. A year ago, Daniel arrived in Minsk from Budapest to help people and to study. Every week he comes to the Minsk sociopedagogical orphanage to share with children his knowledge.

Daniel Visy, a charitable association World Without Borders volunteer (Hungary):
Aliche and I formed a workshop here to help children to develop their creative thinking. In Minsk, I started to read child-rearing practices and now I apply my knowledge to children.

Aliche came to Minsk from Italy and loved the children so much that she doesn’t want to leave the country.

Daniel and Aliche get on with children easily and they are happy to have come to Minsk.

Aliche Ranica:
I  live in Kurasovschina neighborhood and all the saleswomen know me. They always ask when I will return here again, ask me to stay. Very unusual.

Daniel Visy:
My favorite part of Minsk is the historical city, Nemiha, which resembles Budapest. I feel at home here. There are always different festivals, movie screenings in Minsk. It is not typical of Budapest.

Aliche started to read information about Minsk long before her coming here. Most of all she loved Oktyabrskaya Street.

Aliche Ranica:
I don’t want to leave the city. I read on the Internet that Minsk is a very clean and characterless city. But when I came here, I saw a lot of graffiti and flowers. I’m from Bergamo. Our city mayor has decided to remove the graffiti, as he considered it a bad thing. Here I visited the festival which impressed me.

The volunteer project is coming to its end. Aliche and Daniel will go back to their home countries and will share their impressions about Minsk with their friends.