Belarus Premier about $500 salary: This money must be earned

Belarus Premier about $500 salary: This money must be earned

The average salary of $500 in Belarus is a goal for the government in 2017. On February 21, the government talked about how to ensure growth of incomes of Belarusians and also discussed the economic results of January.

According to the Prime Minister, the stability of the domestic currency market has been ensured. The attractiveness of Belarusian ruble deposits has been secured too.

Andrei Kobyakov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
With regard to the results of Q1 2017 I believe that we have no right not to fulfill the tasks set. The result must be at least at the level of 2016. When performing tasks to achieve an average monthly salary of BYN1,000 (about $500) we will proceed from the fact that this money must be earned.

Salary growth must come only in combination with the growth of labor productivity.

Yes, the task is extremely difficult. Solution is possible through the increase in exports and reduced costs, job creation at new enterprises and the development of entrepreneurship.

In the public sector, salary growth will be ensured thanks to optimization and increase in extrabudgetary revenues.

Thanks to lower interest rates, loans have become more affordable to persons and organizations.

Builders are tasked to increase the export of construction services.

The Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation is tasked with ensuring an increase in retail sales of Belarusian goods rather than imported products.