Business conditions in Belarus to be liberalized

Business conditions in Belarus to be liberalized

Another step towards business liberalization in Belarus. The Trade Inspection of Belarus stops checks and switches to the monitoring mode. The structure will begin work in the new format next week, before the decree on control and surveillance activities.

The main task of the department now is the regulation of prices and tariffs in Belarus.

We often hear loud news about price fixing in the world. Both local producers and global corporations were seen doing this.

Companies informally agree to sell goods at a certain price.

The only suffering side in this case is the consumer who has to pay exorbitant prices. It is antitrust agencies who check and stop such facts. In Belarus, this function will be performed by the trade inspection.

The structure is expected to change the format of work. Checks are terminated, but instead it will switch to the monitoring mode.

Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of antitrust and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
Earlier the Trade Inspection checked only retail facilities. Today the main task of the Trade Inspection will be to monitor the compliance of price legislation in all sectors of the economy.

Naum Katz, businessman, deputy chairman of the Supreme Coordination Council of the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship:
I think it is a body which is necessary to the state. The main thing is that it prevents illegal price arrangements. Like in Russia with gasoline: suddenly oil prices fall but gasoline prices rise. What is this, a conspiracy? Yes, it is. The antitrust ministry begins their investigation. In Russia, practices are very strict in this case.

By the way, the liberalization of business conditions in Belarus has been one of the main trends of February.

Recently, the simplification of sanitary norms has been discussed. The Ministry of Emergency Situations has already said it will completely stop checks of small businesses.

Regarding the moratorium on checks by the trade inspection, it will be announced on 27 February.