Diagnosing cancer by taking a photo

Diagnosing cancer by taking a photo

A beauty spot is a unique drawing on a human body. They can be of different colours and bizarre designs, many of them appear from the moment of birth and stay on your body for your entire life. But not all beauty spots are harmless. Could we possibly imagine 10 years ago, that just one photo of a beauty spot would be enough to detect melanoma? Belarusian scientists have invented a unique system which makes it possible to make a diagnosis in no time.

Melanoma’s development is invisible and fast. More than 700 cases of skin cancer are registered in Belarus annually. It is important to know that melanoma is curable with early stages. Until quite recently only an oncology specialist could make the right diagnosis. However, thanks to the unique system, the process of excluding healthy patients will become quicker and there will be more time for treating ill ones. When it comes to melanoma, every second counts.

The accuracy of the Belarusian invention exceeds 80%. This is how it works.

A photograph is taken on a dermatocope, then, with the help of a special program, it is sent to a supercomputer, where it is diagnosed for only 30 seconds.

The platform for the program was gathered by Belarusian doctors. There are more than 200 photos in the platform now. It is likely to be updated soon. It is also possible that a mobile app will be created soon, with the help of which people will be able to send photos directly to the supercomputer and get a reply.

It is always better to be on the safe side. If you have slightest concern about a mole on your body, you should go and see the doctor. You should especially be on the alert in summer. No matter how desired the sun is, it may have a disastrous influence on your skin, on beauty spots in particular. Take care and look after yourself.