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Belarus Ministry of Economy sets new tasks for 2017

Minimization of administrative burden on business and improvement of investment climate. These are the tasks that Belarus Ministry of Economy has set for 2017. As it was stated in the department on the 17th of February 2017, the launch platform for reconstruction and growth has already been created.

Programmatic documents for the current five-year plan were adopted in 2016. Export, effective engagement, including the sphere of high-tech manufacturing, should underlie the economic progress.

Alexander Chervyakov, Belarus Deputy Economy Minister:
We have set ourselves tasks concerning export activation, investments, creation of new and high quality jobs, and development of entrepreneurship. As for attracting direct foreign investments, all the necessary conducive conditions will be created for investors, which will allow them to freely enter Belarus on the terms stated in the socio-economic development program, and within the ratified complex of measures we have today.

Direct investments in 2017 should total nearly 1.5 billion dollars. The key directions of real economy support will remain unchanged, and they will also continue improving the system of government control.

Belarus Ministry of Economy sets new tasks for 2017