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Rational use of scientific university developments vital for Belarus

The potential of young specialists must be used rationally and innovation must be profitable, Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Rusyi is convinced. The quality of staff training was discussed at the Belarusian University of Technology on February 17.

Mikhail Rusyi, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
University science is not far behind and is no different from academic science (maybe somewhere it is more down-to-earth). Therefore, we must rationally, reasonably use the potential of these people. And give them the opportunity to earn money.

If you have a development, use it and get your money.

The Belarusian Technological University is a major research center of Belarus. Every year the university presents about 300 new developments in the field of chemistry, microbiology, information technology, forestry.

It has established cooperation with foreign institutions in the field of nuclear research.

Rational use of scientific university developments vital in Belarus