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Baluchistan delegation visiting Belarus: Economic plans for 2017 voiced

The governor of the Brest region of Belarus and the delegation of Pakistan's Baluchistan province will continue to discuss new horizons of cooperation between the two regions on February 21.

The sides are interested in new ties in the processing industry, construction industry, as well as logistics.

The Pakistani delegation will visit the Brest State University and several enterprises: those producing children's toys, carpets, as well as companies processing milk and fish.

Mikhail Serkov, Deputy Chairman of the Brest Regional Executive Committee:
Mr. Governor told me that they have good, high-quality shrimp and mussels. These are the products we will be able to then supply to other countries. We need resources for our processing industry. For now we have some possible trial deliveries on the cards. Belarus could ship to Pakistan some trial batches of products worth $2 million. This is the task for 2017.

During the visit, the Pakistani delegation is going to have a meeting at Belarus' Ministry of Industry. The Pakistani representatives will be in Belarus until the end of this week.

Plans of Belarusian-Pakistani economic cooperation for 2017