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Children's biathlon competition Snow Sniper gathers about 170 athletes near Minsk

The Snow Sniper biathlon competition for kids was held in the sports complex Raubichi near Minsk on February 18-19. The children struck by the accuracy of shots, speed and beautiful skiing on the track. These are those guys who certainly dream of reaching the same heights as Domracheva and Skardino did. Maybe Snow Sniper, under the auspices of the President's Sports Club, will help grow new stars? Our correspondent Ilona Volynets has the story.

This is the 10th "Snow Sniper" competition, which main aim is search for new sports talents.

To get to the final of the competition, the boys were selected in various regions of Belarus. There were 36,000 potential participants but only 170 qualified for the finals in Raubichi.

For every little athlete this is a big chance to prove their worth.

Participants of the race:
It is necessary to get joy from the race.

I want a great career.

There are so many people, this is a very large track.

I want to become a biathlete, such as Sergei Bocharnikov or Vladimir Chepelin.

The tournament conditions resembled real biathlon world cups. The boys and girls were given special equipment and suits.

Maxim Voropai, chief referee of the competition:
The first starts show what they are capable of much. There is a great prospect for further development of youth biathlon.

Anyone could support the biathletes. A special bus route was organized for spectators.

Children's biathlon competition Snow Sniper gathers about 170 athletes in Raubichi