Cybersport in Belarus: harm or benefit?


Cybersport in Belarus: harm or benefit?

Which school appeals more to children? The one which doesn’t have maths, chemistry, but has other unusual subjects. Computer games, for instance.

Pavel Kirilenko, a cyberschool student:
My wish was to find a team, but I could never gather people who could behave appropriately during the game. It annoyed me. One day my coach told me that the only way to win is to discuss everything calmly with the team. I came here two months ago and we were through a lot together.

The teachers are experienced professionals and use individual approach to each student. The priority is to identify and develop strong suits and to put teams.

Anton Parfenchik, a teacher in cyberschool:
I usually demonstrate how to train the skills at home, and sometimes control the students.

It is important to communicate, take and pass the information. Each student has its role, and all together they form the team. Besides, cyber sportsmen must have good reaction and the ability to be quick in decisions.

Cybersport is officially recognized sport in many countries. Gaming industry is rapidly developing, the prize funds are increasing. Cybersport is relatively young but it may compete with football in terms of the amount of followers.

Anton Parfenchik, a teacher in cyberschool:
People come, play at their leisure and just relax. This is a casual part of a game. In cybersport you have to develop yourself and practice by the sweat of brow. It trains people at the same high level as sport does. But sport, naturally, develops you physically, cybersport mentally and psychologically.

Cybersport is not officially recognized a sport in Belarus by now, but it has the potential to gain official recognition in the future.

That means that sitting in front of a computer is not always an aimless thing.