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Belarus takes 7th place at IBU World Championship Biathlon 2017

The Biathlon World Championships in the Austrian Hochfilzen came to an end. On the last competition day, biathletes were competing in women’s and men’s mass starts. 

The German biathlete Laura Dahlmeier won a gold medal once again. The Belarusian biathlete Nadezhda Skardino became 16th and Darya Domracheva 19th.

The gold medal in the men’s mass start went to Simon Schempp. Belarusian biathletes didn’t take part in this race.

In the World Championships medal table, the German team got 1st place with 7 gold medals from the 11 possible.

The Belarusian team, with the only silver medal of Darya Domracheva, shares 7th place with Ukraine.


Belarus takes 7th place at World Championship Biathlon 2017