National Language Week begins in Belarus

National Language Week begins in Belarus

At least seven days Belarus will speak Belarusian as the Week of National Language has begun across the country. It is being held under the auspices of UNESCO. Today world speaks more than 6 thousand languages. The Belarusian language is considered one of the most melodic.

Already in 2017 Belarusian scientists will present an innovative project to study the Belarusian language. Thus, the electronic resource will optimize not only research, but also work of editors, teachers and all those work is connected with the national language. There you will find digitized texts of Belarusian authors. The resource will help foreigners in the study of the Belarusian language.

This is Chinese Yasha Wang. The guy has lived in Belarus for 10 years. He not only travels extensively throughout Belarus, but also draws and even writes poems in the Belarusian language.

Yasha Wang (China):
I really like the Belarusian language, it is very melodic. I often listen to the radio, where the Belarusian language is spoken. I listen to operas, classical music concerts, performances, discussions of famous creative people on cultural issues. I think that the Belarusian language can be even considered a work of art.

There will be a lot of activities this week. On February 21 the experts in the works of Belarusian writer Yakub Kolas will be able to test their knowledge. On the Day of National Language, they will write a big dictation in the museum of the national poet. The choice of the location is not accidental: Yakub Kolas glorified the Belarusian language throughout his life, and wrote the famous letter-appeal a few days before his death.