Not exotics anymore: agricultural development in Belarus

Not exotics anymore: agricultural development in Belarus

There is no wonder that Belarusian fruits and vegetables are in favor not only in Belarus itself, but also in neighboring countries. Belarusian tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, carrots, beetroots, apples and pears are as good as imported ones, sometimes even better. This success became possible thanks to the progress of Belarusian scientists in agriculture. The Institute for Vegetable Growing is creating new heavy-productive varieties and hybrids of vegetable crops.

20 years ago, only several types of vegetables were grown in Belarus; and nowadays the assortment became much larger. Brussels sprouts and Chinese leaf, leek, for example, are now everyday products for Belarusians.
Using the seeds created by Belarusian crop breeders, farmers yield the cultivation of the vegetables that used to be exotic for the country.

Despite the cold weather outside, inside the greenhouse it is warm enough for cabbage to grow. Belarusian scientists of the Institute for Vegetable Growing created more than 10 hybrid strains of it, and each of them are unique.

In the laboratories of the Institute for Fruit Growing, scientists breed fruit and small fruit, as well as nut crops. Just imagine, they made raspberry bear fruits the whole year round, and did it without magic! They even built an experimental greenhouse for this purpose.

And very soon Belarusian farmers will be able to grow this kind of small fruit by themselves.

Many gardeners know such apple strains as 'Alesya', 'Belarusian sweet', 'Imant' and some others. It was Belarusian scientists who created nearly 80% of all the strains produced in the country.

Over the last five years alone, Belarusian scientists created 25 strains of fruit crops and more than 20 strains and hybrids of vegetable crops. However, they are going to continue and in the future will present new products of vegetable and fruit breeding.