More tourist information spots in Minsk planned


More tourist information spots in Minsk planned

Foreigners will be able to learn about Minsk directly from the central railway station Minsk-Passazhirsky.

Minsk is going to increase the number of tourist information points.

The need is dictated by the increase in the number of visitors after the introduction of the 5-day visa-free regime for foreign citizens.

By the way, it has been in force since 12 February.

First of all such points will appear in hotels. It is also planned to create them at the Minsk railway station (Minsk-Passazhirsky, also called Minsk Pass on some maps) and the historical city center.

Elena Plis, director of the Information and tourist center Minsk:
These will be information booths with brochures, booklets, and maps of the city. If possible, of course, there will be employees to give some information, advice on the spot.