Lithuanians visiting Minsk region to get familiar with Belarus' agribusiness

Lithuanians visiting Minsk region to get familiar with Belarus' agribusiness

Lithuanian farmers are getting familiar with the development of Belarusian agribusiness. This is the first such experience. The European delegation has come to Minsk Region for two days to share experience and possibly reach new agreements. The guests visited one of the leading farms near Minsk.

There, the Lithuanians got familiar with innovative the approaches that farmers of the Minsk region use.

Vladimir Kurilo, farmer (Republic of Lithuania):
My machinery is entirely Belarusian since it is harder with imported machinery: spare parts and so on. Here we don't have problems. This is a very useful trip. I would like more such trips, more communication.

Stanislav Rynkevich, farmer (Republic of Lithuania):
We must strive to establish contacts. We are also interested in seeing Minsk, we've never been here. It's interesting.

Such meetings should also strengthen relations between the two countries' farmers.

Closer ties will help to follow the modern trends of agricultural development, exchange experience and find new partners or clients.

Apart from visits to agricultural and machine-building enterprises the visitors will also get familiar with the main attractions of the Minsk region.

Yuri Karpilovich, manager of the Volgotnoye farm, Minsk region:
I myself went to learn from the experience of farmers in Egypt, Romania and Germany. Similarly, as part of the same delegation. I saw them raising these ponies and then selling. I thought no one needs them but then I found clients and here I am, I sell them now.