Presidential Administration to check regional authorities' work with Belarusians' appeals

Presidential Administration to check regional authorities' work with Belarusians' appeals

Offsite reception offices to clarify the implementation of Decree No3 began their work in all regions of Belarus on February 16.

Such reception offices will become traditional, said head of the Presidential Administration Natalia Kochanova, communicating with citizens in Zhodino City Executive Committee.

Decree No3 is also called decree on social dependency or 'social parasites tax', which obliges people who did not work officially more than 183 days during the previous year and thus did not pay income tax, to pay a fee in a certain amount.

Natalia Kochanova, Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
The President once again clearly set a task about the need for more serious work with citizens. If people come, we have to consider each case promptly and objectively.

Therefore, a monitoring group has been set up by the Presidential Administration, which will monitor the process in regions outside Minsk.

This will become a tradition: we will go to the regions and carry out receptions on personal issues in order to see how this work is carried out in each particular district and region. But there is one more question I always voice. When people turn to higher authorities, this is not correct. It is local officials - heads of enterprises, organizations who must address these issues. Of course, there are some issues that must be addressed at the national level, and rightly so. But at the same time, this is an indicator of the work of local authorities.   

Gennady Isaev, resident of Moscow (Russia): 
Comparing the approach of Belarusian officials to people with that of Moscow officials, these are 'two big differences'.

In Belarus, officials very carefully and accurately accept all complaints and address these issues.

I am very glad. Compared to Moscow... They have to come here and learn.  

Dmitry Zakharevich, director of a private enterprise:
We are creating jobs for people with disabilities. I am myself disabled. But we are simply thrown out of offices, we are not allowed to work. Alexander Lukashenko is right when saying that we need to give more freedom to business. The Preside would not need to pay attention to it if local officials did not block the work of the enterprise.