Belarus’ Naviband about patriotism

Belarus’ Naviband about patriotism

The Belarusian group Naviband have given an interview to the program Simple Questions.

Artem, do you think that those people who do not love the homeland, Belarus, do not want to be Belarusians?

Artem Lukyanenko:
I do not know such people. I am afraid to know that there are such people. I think everyone, in some way, loves their homeland. Another issue is that for me, the word patriotism is very devalued. Moreover, I do not like this word because it is even unpleasant for pronunciation.

This word is a very artificial. Itis coined to indicate that there is love for the homeland. Nevertheless, it's actually something deeper.

I think love for the native land must be expressed through some activity, instead of shouting ‘I love Belarus!’ at every corner.