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Belarus’ Navi band about sense of song for Eurovision 2017

The band Navi has given an interview to Yegor Khrustalev in the TV program Simple Questions.

Today I’d like to talk about your songs. Particularly, the song which you will perform at Eurovision is called in Belarusian “Story of my life”. That is, the key word is the “story”. I do know that there are so-called story-songs. For example, Makarevich’s song “He was older than her”. And Konstantin Meladze writes almost all his songs in the form of stories.

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:
Our song is the story.

The story. And another kind of songs, so to speak, is a set of emotions.

Artem Lukyanenko:
Right you are.

Let’s talk about our fellow countrymen, for example, the group Bi-2 and their song “Nobody writes to the Colonel”.  So, the musicians of this kind usually give a modest smile and avert their eyes when asked: “And what is your song about?” They answer: “You know, it’s not that simple to explain”. And the song “Story of my life”, in general, is not a story.

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:
I agree with you, from this point of view it’s not a story.

I read the lyrics carefully, it is really a set of some...

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:

In your video you walk over the forest path and just sing: “Hey!”

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:
Yes, indeed.

So, you sing about what you see, right?

Ksenia Zhuk, Navi band:
Yes, like akyns. (Akyns are are improvising poets and singers in the Kazakh and Kyrgyz cultures – note by

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:
It’s worth understanding that this song  has the sense that encourages us and gives us energy. I think, for an artist it’s the most important thing.

In such kind of songs you do have a feeling that you expressed everything you wanted.

You don’t have to adjust to anybody or think whether someone might like this or that word or tune. It is you who must like your song. In the chorus there are some lines with comparisons that make my heart stop, because it’s really something what I experienced and experience now.

For example, there's the line:“The sun and all the beauty of your eyes will sparkle in our blood”.

In this very case, I imply the love to Belarus’ rivers and lakes. That is, the "blood" is compared to the river where the sun is reflected. And the “eyes” are compared to our lakes. And I express all my love to the native land in these very lines.

I take great pleasure from it. This is a little secret of the song’s sense that I enjoy.

Kseniya Zhuk, Navi band:
Or, for example, the line:“Today will become a new beginning”. For me personally, there are some words in the song that literally switch me on and keep me fueled. There are such words in some of our songs too. This particular phrase recharges me and raises my spirits. So, it seems that I become much stronger.

Thus, the song “Story of my life”, in general, is not a story. It is a set of very strong emotions. Personal emotions, to be more precise.

Kseniya Zhuk, Navi band:
Yes, indeed.

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band:
I absolutely agree with you.

Artem Lukyanenko, Navi band