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Vitebsk region earns about $30 million on export of medical services in 2016

Belarus is increasing the export of medical services. The Vitebsk region alone increased export of these services by 20% in 2016, as compared to 2015.

Such services brought the region BYN60 million (which is a bit less than $30 million).

Hospitals, dental clinics, plastic surgery, diagnostic and rehabilitation centers are popular with foreigners in Belarus.

The majority of them come from Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and China. One of the most successful in export of medical services is the Vitebsk regional diagnostic center. Basically it is thanks to a know-how, the mobile pulmo-scanner.

This piece of equipment alone brought more than BYN3 million.

Vladimir Orekhva, chief doctor of Vitebsk regional diagnostic center:
We did not raise any prices. We managed to achieve this thanks to the fact that using our mobile medical center, we surveyed residents of border areas.

Doctors are hoping that in 2017 the export of health services will increase even more.

This will be made possible thanks to the 5-day visa-free stay for foreigners from 80 countries, including the EU, USA, Japan and others.

Vitebsk region earns $30 million on export of medical services