Belarusian girl of Sepultura vocalist: Derrick has Belarusian soul!

Belarusian girl of Sepultura vocalist: Derrick has Belarusian soul!

The cover of Sepultura vocalist Derrick Green’s passport has Belarusian ornament on it. It symbolizes love, prosperity, and freedom. Belarusian girl named Julia gifted it to him during the concert of metal stars in Minsk club Re: Public few years ago. It was the day when the musician and the leather accessories designer met. Later this story turned into love.

Julia tells the story of meeting Derrick: “I’ve loved heavy music since my childhood. That day I was selling leather products in the club and wanted to give the bracelets to the participants. We talked about anything and everything. The members of the band are very open persons.”

Julia left Derrick her addresses in social networks and he found her. They began texting. Then they started to meet in different cities.  Julia went to São Paulo to visit the musician. Derrick Green visited Minsk after the New Year.

"He wanted to see how we live and is interested in our culture. He asked what the most popular rock band in Belarus is. I named Pesnyary because they are a standard of Belarusian music.”

Julia can talk much about Derrick. She says that he is a very open person and always answers his fans.

“He is like a Belarusian, his soul is Belarusian.”

Derrick is a vegetarian, so it wasn’t easy to find something good and vegetarian in Minsk. However, the American musician tasted Belarusian cuisine at Julia’s home: he loved potato pancakes, dumplings with potatoes and mushrooms, veggie soup and mushroom soup.

Also Derrick Green brought a shirt with Sluhai Svaio (Listen to yours) print from Minsk. Now he dreams of another one, with the name of Belarus printed in Cyrillic. The musician says that the shirt with an inscription in English loses its concept.

Julia is going to travel to Brazil in spring. After that, the couple is planning to live together, most likely in the United States.

"In any case, I’ll go after him like a wife of the Decembrist," she laughs.

In the future, Julia is going to do housework and will continue making leather goods. By the way, Derrick wears a bracelet and a pendant made by Julia.

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