Anton Kushnir could miss Freestyle World Cup in Belarus


Anton Kushnir could miss Freestyle World Cup in Belarus

Anton Kushnir has successfully tested the Olympic slope, but this season may be finished for him. The ski acrobatics World Cup in Pyeongchang brought the Belarusian a victory, but initially Anton's participation in Korea was doubtful.

Kushnir performed only thanks to painkillers, but even this did not prevent him from becoming the best on that stage.

The main competition for Anton, the Olympic Games, is a year away, and he is not willing to risk his health. The coaching staff agrees with the athlete on this matter.

Perhaps Kushnir will miss the World Cup in his native country Belarus.

The rest of the team prepares systematically for the Minsk World Cup. The cup program ends with the night competition in Moscow. The last competition of the pre-Olympic season, the world championship, will take place in Sierra Nevada.

Nikolai Kozeko, head coach of Belarus in freestyle:
I cannot imagine what sort of conditions for competition will be in Sierra Nevada. Because they did not hold anything more significant than Europa Cups, a long time ago. Now I do not know at what level the track and acrobatic slopes there are. So we will try to experiment.

At the World Championship, the coaching staff counts on Alexandra Romanovskaya, Anton Kushnir, Maxim Gustik and Timofei Gladchenko.