Belarus President demands to abolish excessive checks of businesses

Belarus President demands to abolish excessive checks of businesses

On February 14 the Belarus President instructed the supervisory authorities to reduce the number of planned inspections and reorganize institutional control.

At the initiative of the head of state, a working group has been established to improve the control activities and eliminate unnecessary requirements for enterprises. It consists of well-known businessmen and economic experts.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Orders to restore order in this area were given repeatedly. The task was to reduce unnecessary control and eliminate duplicating functions. However, unfortunately, serious progress has not followed.

Every working day about 450 different checks are held in Belarus.

It happens that inspectors visit large enterprises with unscheduled visits up to 50 or more times per year. I think we should give up our total control, it's time to reconsider approaches to its very essence. The main emphasis must be placed on the end result, rather than checks for the sake of checks.

If the company pays taxes and no complaints have been filed, then there is no need to check it excessively. Let them do their business.

And do your business yourself. This should be the basis of your work. Before opening an enterprise you need to check everything and this is all. You do not have to go there repeatedly with all kinds of audits and inspections. Further, according to law, the top manager is responsible for everything should anything happen. These top managers need to check their fire and health safety themselves.

Another big and painful issue for us is the simplification of requirements for doing business. It takes half a year, according to conservative estimates, to open a small coffee shop. Just think, six months! People who would open it will simply abandon this idea.

The competent organization of control determines the investment attractiveness of the country.

April 2014. Back then during the visit to the Slutsk slaughterhouse facts of gross violation of conditions of storage of meat products were revealed.  In the end, it all led to criminal proceedings. This case clearly confirms that the number of checks does not mean quality. Quite the contrary.

Alexander Lukashenko:
All unscheduled inspections must cease to be a loophole for control structures capable of paralyzing virtually any organization. For this purpose we need to increase the responsibility of supervisors. Then they will once again think whether to go to interfere with the normal operation of the enterprise.

As for scheduled inspections, they are also to be reduced. 50,000 were carried out in 2016 alone. In other words, one in eight business entities. That's a lot, especially for our compact state.

Some standards do not have clear logic. Take, for example, the requirements for the height of premises for cafes. From floor to ceiling, it must be at least 3 meters. Clearly, in modern urban buildings it is theoretically possible to comply with these requirements. And how to be with the buildings of past centuries, which are less than three meters high? It turns out that some of them people will not be able to open cafes and surprise foreigners with the national cuisine in the historic entourage.

We must clearly define requirements for the canteen for a hundred people and a small cafe for 10 tables. Let us not interfere but help develop small businesses.

There are some complaints about agricultural farmsteads. It turns out that health standards are not only requirements for the storage of food, maintenance of the premises. Even hooks in the dressing room are strictly regulated by the law. Alexander Lukashenko is sure that part of the established requirements should be as simple as possible or even canceled. 

At the end of 2016 Belarus entered the top countries that achieved the best results in the sphere of business. Among other leaders are also Kazakhstan, Kenya, Serbia, Georgia, Pakistan and the United Arab Emirates. Together, these countries carried out about 50 reforms, which are aimed at improving the business environment.

Conditions for doing business are going to be improved in Belarus further. At the meeting it was agreed that duplicate checks will be removed. Roadside services will get additional benefits.

Vladimir Koltovich, Minister of antitrust and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
All businesses that are beyond the Minsk ring road... Let's equate them to farm tourism in terms of business requirements and conditions. Roadside service is in fact the same farm tourism. They will also need to pay only one base unit and simplified requirements for health standards will be imposed there. So that people can enter this business at the lowest cost, develop it and quietly work for the benefit of the consumer.

At the meeting of President of Belarus called on the business community to have an honest and open dialogue and ensured that there will be no pressure from the controlling bodies.

Specific proposals for the liberalization of state control should be made available to the President in the near future.