Belarus President criticizes training of civil servants

Belarus President criticizes training of civil servants

Will officials laid off as a result of optimization of the state apparatus become payers of social dependency tax? This is a rhetorical question, although the success of the work of state agencies as well as any enterprise depends on how eager these workers are. Especially in ideology! You can't work with people like with a blank that needs to be finished with a file. Here one needs special talent! President Lukashenko drew attention to this subject one more time.

No formalism and superfluous activities. No more space for bureaucracy in state apparatus.

The ideologist of today is a person with a modern way of thinking and a special approach to people.

The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the Belarus President was established to train such people. Only the best servants will retain their positions, said the President. Higher salary is a result of the ongoing optimization of state apparatus. However, in the case of ideologists, it is not enough to be a professional.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The ideological worker, lecturer and other similar staff are valuable people, they are like expensive things sold by the piece. These are talented people who have a certain charisma and are able not only to convey to people something, but also influence the minds of people. It is important that these people have managerial skills. This is an additional factor of people's trust. Maybe a cool propagandist, a lecturer will speak once in six months in a labor collective, but people will remember it. It is better than holding ten formal events in six months. This will not cause any effect apart from rejection.

A civil servant with the prospect of career growth - that's people for whom doors of the Academy of Public Administration will always be open. Education should be fast, but its quality high.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Only promising future civil servants should study there. It is necessary to give there a good education in two years. There is no need to spend 3-4-5 years there. Like there is nothing else to do. They need to get a good knowledge of a foreign language there. It is no good that today civil servants communicate with their peers abroad and experts through a translator. We also need certain knowledge of law, especially economy. What is a leader who does not know law (to some extent) and economics, economic laws. They need to know how our country develops and acquire management skills.

The state apparatus should become a model of modern management. The Administration of the President is at the forefront of this staffing modernization. It is some kind of generator of ideas. The most advanced proposals, including from the public and from the expert community, are accumulated here.

Alexander Lukashenko:
If something is said by the President, it needs to be executed tomorrow. Already in the morning you need to have proposals on a particular matter.