Alexander Lukashenko: Belarusian economy needs to have human face

Alexander Lukashenko: Belarusian economy needs to have human face

Non-standard measures are necessary to develop the economy - such an idea was voiced at a meeting with the President on February 10. On February 9, Belarus President discussed the possible introduction of the institute of trust management with respect to companies of the republican and municipal property. If you cannot manage property during difficult times, give it to skilled professionals! Yevgeny Pustovoi has more.

Trust management is just one of the options of handing weak state-owned enterprises to investment companies. The new form of economic cooperation was discussed at a meeting with the President. Alexander Lukashenko has asked officials to rethink some points.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We are making too many innovations, and then six months later begin to shred bills because they do not meet the requirements of life. Do we need this at all?

The development of the Belarusian economy is regulated by two thousand regulatory documents. The government decided that investors need more trust. The initial goals are unchanged. First, to prevent the separation of "state property pie", from which only crumbs will remain in the budget. Second, to prevent a gap between rich and poor Belarusians, so that the concept of the socially-oriented state continues to exist.

Alexander Lukashenko:
But we all must give aware of the fact that we cannot move away from the general line of the development of our state and our economic policy. Its main postulate is social justice, improving the living standards of people, protection of interests of the country and every citizen.

The search for new growth points that day was open, with the dialogue involving representatives of both liberal and conservative schools. Facing each other, but not against each other.

Alexander Lukashenko:
Based on the fact that the truth is in the middle, I think we can agree today. Our economy needs to be reviewed in terms of human factors, humanize it as much as possible. However, it is important that the steps taken don't create prerequisites for destabilization in the future. Development must be perfectly balanced. Without foreign currency turmoil, payments crisis and other negative phenomena, which we have already experienced.

Tight monetary policy or monetary expansion. One camp favors macroeconomic indicators, while the other wants to make Belarusians' purses thicker and provide them with money for housing construction. For this one needs to make credit money cheaper, but it might again be spent on foreign currency and import rather than on national products.

Valery Polkhovsky, financial analyst:
If the economic system is able to basically consume what it makes, it becomes indifferent to foreign exchange rate. Then it is necessary to ensure demand for goods that will be more competitive.

Quality can be achieved through technology by investment. But in order for ‘investomania’ not to give birth to oligarchy Belarus chooses them very carefully. In particular, through trust relations and probation. On these very terms the officials offer investors about two thousand organizations.

Georgy Grits, deputy director of the Center for Contemporary Analysis and Strategic Studies, National Academy of Sciences:
It's like the first stage of relations between a man and a woman. The investor and the investee are assessing at each other.

The majority of such companies on offer are of communal property. Law needs to be clear and understandable in order to maintain order in this area.

Alexander Lukashenko:
We are talking about a new administering mechanism at enterprises. What do you mean by administering mechanism? Write directly - management! Enough of these 'obscene words' in legal acts, which are not well-received by our society and our managers. Let's give this right to the responsible authorities. If this is an agricultural enterprise, our governors, chairmen of executive committees are responsible for that. Let them determine how to manage it now.

Viktor, Shaybak, chairman of Korelichi district executive committee:
We must look for another form of recovery of these companies. And if it exists, it must now be accompanied by a business plan.