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I cannot understand why this is done: Belarus President about Russian ban on food supplies

Kostroma region itself causes much interest. Firstly, this is the birthplace of Ivan Susanin. Remember? "Where are you taking us?... We don't see a thing!, shouted enemies to Susanin". In such a way did Ryleyev glorify the feat of the peasant who led Polish invaders in a forest swamp.

And Kostroma is also considered the birthplace of cheese and high quality linen. Similar to Belarusian. But it does not exclude mutual supplies of food. During a meeting with the governor of Kostroma President Lukashenko once again remembered strange and uncomfortable taboo (ban) on Belarusian products in Russia.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Chinese came here. I tell Xi Jinping: "We are friends, partners. Why cannot we deliver beef to this huge market?" They came as partners, watched our businesses and did not have any questions. Why don't Russians like our meat? I cannot understand why this is done. Why did you ban before you figure things out? It is necessary to understand everything first and only then ban something. If you see a gram of bad meat from the Minsk region, please ban supplies from the entire country.

Of course, we will not die, we absolutely will not die. Today the world is globalized. Yes, it will be difficult to lose the Russian market. But we will not lose it, after all. Even if Dankvert wants, it will not work. But I can't figure out why this is done.

Photo: Official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus

I cannot understand why this is done: Alexander Lukashenko about Russian ban on food supplies