Labor ministry says $500 salary is real target in 2017

Labor ministry says $500 salary is real target in 2017

The average salary of $500 in 2017 in Belarus is quite a feasible task, said the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection.

It believes that earnings can be raised by optimizing staff or seeking extrabudgetary funding. With regard to commercial organizations, a decisive factor will be growth of labor productivity.

Andrei Lobovich, First Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus:
Labour productivity is paramount. Only effective management, efficient operation of the real sector and balanced policy aiming to optimize staffing levels (first of all in the public sector) will allow us to hit this level.

In 2017, the government will continue to control the timely payment of salaries as well as child allowances. For now, these payments are timely in Belarus, because this issue is under special control of the Ministry.

Benefits are received by almost every third child in Belarus. All in all payments on this type in 2016 cost the country's budget around 2% of GDP.