Public-private partnership in agriculture: decent salaries and good working conditions

Public-private partnership in agriculture: decent salaries and good working conditions

These days business supports the agricultural sector in Belarus. Thus, the principle of public-private partnership is being implemented in practice. According to experts, it is one of the best ways of mutually beneficial cooperation today. Private companies are investing money, and in return, they receive the most favorable conditions. This is a worldwide practice. Here is the concrete example of this cooperation.

There are about 7,000 cows here, and the employees get the salary 150 rubles higher than the average in the district.

And these figures have been rising for 10 consecutive years. It’s a successful example of public-private partnership.

Yakov Buhovetsky, deputy general director of the milk processing enterprise:
Over the years, the productivity of the dairy cattle has risen by almost a half. While earlier we sold 15 tons of milk a day, now our factory receives 58 tons a day from our farming.

Moreover, an ultra-modern farm, a calf house and a crib for young animals were brought into use.

Piotr Butrim, CTV:
This is the so-called exemplary farm. Calves are usually brought here on the first day of their life. There are nearly 500 mobile comfortable boxes. They are equipped with convenient holders for feed, a special system of drains and a real dairy taxi.

The cows give only extra class milk in these conditions as well as a good profit that is used for the development and modernization of the farming.

Robert Bobin, the main zootechnician of the farming:
Thanks to the current investments, today  we have one of the best facilities in the country and abroad on our farming.

The milkmaid Tamara Shigaleva has been working here for 27 years. She closely followed the Big Conversation with the President. Agriculture was one of the most discussed topics.

The employees have decent salaries, housing and other social benefits. Prior to the transfer of the former agricultural production cooperative into private ownership the agrarians could only dream of such favorable conditions. Today, more than 300 workers on the farming enjoy these benefits.

Tatyana Pas, a milking machine operator:
We get decent salaries timely. Moreover, I received a well-maintained house. I believe that everyone would be glad to work in such good conditions.

As you see, the benefits for the workers are obvious. But the businessmen also benefit from such farming.

The milk from this complex is used as raw material for a big Brest enterprise. It means that the private business, in fact, generates the cost of the product itself from the starting point.