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Belarus not planning excessive money emission to stimulate economy

Belarus is not going to print excessive money, while trying to find new growth points. Such tasks were set by the President at the meeting with experts on socio-economic policy on February 10.

Taking part in the February 10 meeting are economists holding key positions today as well as former leaders who assumed high government positions. According to Alexander Lukashenko, Belarus used different approaches to economic management. The main requirement is that the steps taken don't create prerequisites for the destabilization of the situation in the future.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Any country is interested in its development. It takes tools from one theory and some other theory and combines them conducting a particular economic policy. So today, a group of experts, the people who turn to me are more and more inclined to the fact that we have to seriously look at our super-liberal economy... We need to review our economy from people's standpoint, humanize it as much as possible.

However, it is important that the steps taken don't create prerequisites for the destabilization in the future. Because, using one method or another, especially by getting access to cheap money and so forth we will get some positive effect now but tomorrow it will result in big problems. It should not be allowed. And vice versa.

The development must be perfectly balanced. Without foreign currency turmoil, payments crisis and other negative phenomena, which we have already experienced. I stress again that we will not print excessive money. I know that many of those present would like us to create additional sources of growth. These suggestions are close to life. Let's look at them in detail.

But we all must be aware of the fact that we cannot move away from the general line guiding the development of our state and our economic policy. Its main postulate is social justice, improving the living standards of people, protection of interests of the country and every citizen.

The head of state stresses that Belarus must to deal with all the economic issues on its own, thanks to competent management and improvement of business climate.

Belarus not going to issue excessive money to stimulate economy