CTV Channel receives Media Olympus 2016 awards

CTV Channel receives Media Olympus 2016 awards

The National Olympic Committee on February 8 bestowed awards of the nationwide competition of sports journalists Media Olympus 2016.

It is thanks to these people that all Belarusians, young and old, learn about Belarusian athletes’ life, watch their performances on the world stage and celebrate victories.

Among the winners are CTV Channel representatives.

Stolichnoe Televidenie Director General Yuri Koziyatko received a gratitude certificate of the National Olympic Committee for the coverage of the Committee's activities on its 25th anniversary, preparation of Belarusian athletes for the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as well as for the promotion of Olympic ideals.

The CTV’s Sports Broadcasting Directorate head Sergei Tulupov received a valuable gift - a silver coin of the Olympic team 2016.

CTV special correspondent Yulia Selepitskaya has received a certificate of merit for the coverage of sports industry in Belarus and promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

Congratulations to our colleagues!