Belarus comments on introduction of border zone by Russia


Belarus comments on introduction of border zone by Russia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs continues to monitor the situation with the introduction by Russia of a border zone with Belarus. At the moment the situation is under control of the country's foreign ministry.

There were no complaints of misconduct on the part of Russian border services in respect of Belarusian citizens. However, the new rules on border crossings imposed by Russian partners led to a certain nuances in the bilateral relations.

Dmitry Mironchik, Belarus foreign ministry spokesperson:
FSB orders imposing border zone and adopting the rules of border regime... By adopting these documents Russia equated Belarus citizens to third-country nationals, to foreigners, with all respective consequences. This is clearly at odds with the basic principles and spirit of the Belarus-Russia bilateral relations.

February 3, the FSB of Russia decided to create a border zone on the border with Belarus in Bryansk, Pskov and Smolensk regions. The decision took effect on Friday.