Belarus insists on investigation into Russia's food bans

Belarus insists on investigation into Russia's food bans

Alexander Lukashenko urges Russia to sort things out before introducing bans on the supply of food from Belarus. The Belarusian leader touched on the topic of Belarus-Russia disputes about the quality of food products meeting with the governor of the Kostroma region February 7.

According to Alexander Lukashenko, cooperation of Belarus with Russian regions strengthens relations between the two countries, especially in times like these, when they undergo a series of disagreements, including on the supply of products.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Direct partnership with the regions is becoming a more significant factor in the strengthening of bilateral economic cooperation between our countries. Economy is the foundation of any relationship. This is the answer to many those who are now starting to consider our relationship in terms of accounting. I am accused that I'm looking for interest. But if there were no interest, perhaps, you would not come here either.

Kostroma region has long been a very promising and reliable partner for our country. In earlier times, the volume of our bilateral trade exceeded $100 million. Not with every major country do we have such a turnover today. But the volume of trade turnover has decreased significantly over the last two years, which worries me. Our Eurasian Economic Union does not bring us increase in trade volumes, we are only losing in trade amounts. But we need to talk about this, it is necessary to find bottlenecks and glue of our relationships. Rather than unite, to glue, to eliminate the negative points, we get bans on beef exports on the part of Russia. Without checking! But I insist that there are checks. Check in a civilized way.

Chinese have come to us. They looked at our businesses are had no questions. They allow us to supply dairy and beef from any enterprise.

Why don't Russians like our meat? They sniffed meat at the border and said it is supposedly from Ukraine. You destroy it. So destroy. But how is the Minsk region involved in that? There are enough crooks. The Minsk region is half of Belarus. Why did you ban before you figure things out? It is necessary to understand everything and then act and ban. If you see a gram of bad meat from the Minsk region, please ban supplies from the entire country.

You should know that you are our closest brothers, Russians. So I once again say thank you and your colleagues for the fact that you have come. We need to establish closer relationship through people's democracy. We were together and we will remain together. We just do not want to complicate things and go through a period of misunderstanding.

The Kostroma region is a long-standing and reliable partner of Belarus. The parties are interested in increasing trade and the search for untapped reserves.