Belarus not going to cancel social dependency tax now

Belarus not going to cancel social dependency tax now

In principle, the local authority may decide to redress injustice, if some Belarus are required to pay the so-called social dependency tax but cannot do it for financial reasons. In general, the President sees no need to abolish the decree of the President.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
Do we have to pay 100% for medicine, health care? Yes, someone does not like it, it is bad. But we are in the top five. And this is not our assessment. Education, security, defense. Benefits for kids. These are all costs. So why should I pay taxes but you do not participate in the financing of all this at the same time getting all these services? Go work and pay taxes. We had to push people to it. If someone is hurt, it is not my fault that people call them "parasites". In decree number 3 you will not find a word "parasite".

Why does the vast majority of people - 95% - support this initiative? You work, you pay taxes. This document refers to a small portion of the population whom we push to find work. Well, again, we don't force people to work.

Different situations can happen in life. How not to offend people? Thinking about it we added a formula to that decree, which solves all problems. If you get into some kind of a difficult situation, I wrote it personally: by a decision of village council or the city administration you can be exempt from this tax.

Therefore, I believe there is no reason today to speculate on this subject alleging this does not benefit our economy and our society. Let's agree as follows: this decree has been in force for about 2-3 years. Let's wait. If we do come to the inexorable conclusion that it is an anachronism and it is not needed, we will cancel it. Do not hurry. Maybe it will bring a lot of useful things into our lives.