I want Belarus to be perceived as independent state, President Lukashenko says


I want Belarus to be perceived as independent state, President Lukashenko says

It is not so easy for residents of the western countries to become the lucky owners of a tractor or other products with the label "Made in Belarus". This happens for different reasons. One of them are difficulties with entrance to the European market. Competition is all countries is serious and Belarusian products are not awaited there, so Belarus needs to exert efforts to get to new markets. Here is what President Lukashenko said about this.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
After properly understanding Belarus, they finally turned to face the country. We have a lot of ideas. Even in times of sanctions, we worked with the west. How many credit resources we got, how much equipment we bought from there, especially for woodworking, for other businesses. And today, we are upgrading refineries thanks to them. Credits were quite pricey. They are still not cheap. We would very much like to move to an open dialogue and agree, draw some roadmap with Germans. We need the latest technology, energy-saving, resource-saving ones, we are ready to work in this direction. Moreover, it is necessary to sit down and negotiate. In general, a lot of businessmen have come to Belarus. And now we are negotiating with them to create new businesses.

I want you to see Belarus as a sovereign, independent state, I want nothing else from the West. If you think that Lukashenko turned around and went to the West, it is only for naive people. I am aware that no one is waiting for me in Germany, no one needs me there. Just as Belarus is not needed there with some specific goods. Because there are Germany and France there.

So let's at least support normal relations. And solve the problems that you have encountered. Maybe we'll be useful? I ask Lithuanians why they are fighting against us. We are not shouting all over Europe that your Ignalina station, which you are closing, dangerous. God knows what happens, this is the worst station in the world after all! A lot of people from Lithuania are ready to come and move to us to work. For us this is a good thing. We need strong professionals who have experience. And most importantly, let us produce electricity. You don't have enough of it. We will sell it to you at normal prices. They understand and agree. But then in the media, in public, they start to politicize the issue.

This is politics. We need to discard and forget this. Economy will play its part. When cheap electricity appears, then we will agree with them.

Photo: Official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus