Belarus, Kostroma region to increase trade turnover

Belarus, Kostroma region to increase trade turnover

Kostroma Oblast of Russia is interested in export of Belarusian goods. A delegation from that Russian region are now with the official visit to Minsk. It includes not only government officials but also businessmen.

On 7 February, the Russians are scheduled to hold a series of meetings with the country's leadership. However, the delegation has already appreciated the quality of Belarusian products: on February 6 the guests visited some Belarusian enterprises.

Sergei Sitnikov, governor of Kostroma region (Russia):
We, in particular, visited the enterprise Amkodor, studied the possibility of cooperation on the use of Belarusian equipment in the road sector, the forestry sector, in the sphere of housing and communal services. The machinery is interesting, it has advantages. We see serious enough advantages over imported equipment.

The increase in turnover is one of the central themes of the dialogue between Belarus and Kostroma region. Belarus exports to that Russian region its agricultural equipment, food and consumer goods.

On February 7 members of the delegation of the Kostroma region paid tribute to the heroes of the Great Patriotic War, which is part of WWII. The ceremony of laying flowers and wreaths at the monument in Victory Square was held in the early morning.