President Lukashenko: I'd like Belarus to be quiet, peaceful and comfortable for life


President Lukashenko: I'd like Belarus to be quiet, peaceful and comfortable for life

Sweets that the wife of the Pakistani senator loved so much were perhaps from the presidential arsenal. We are back to the big conversation with the President and bring to attention some interesting fragments - about chocolate and candies, into which recipe Alexander Lukashenko delved personally, children, homeland and himself.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
I invented new candies. However, we do not produce them for mass consumption. Their life is very short, they have no preservatives. Absolutely natural chocolates. If some distinguished guest comes, I can give these candies to them. Well done, well done.. People who understand this say these candies are super tasty. Soon, perhaps, we will have that chocolate. It will be released under the brand name "President". I want to share with you this chocolate. I talked with Kommunarka technologists and instructed them to make this chocolate. They found the technology, it is quite sweet but without sugar. It uses stevia. This is a herb.  

You know my attitude to children, and especially to my younger kid. I like the fact that he does not want to be President. My elder sons don't want it either, especially Viktor. This suggests that they are free from star sickness. And they do not think that the president is a powerful king rejoicing in life. The President's son does not like to be photographed. He terribly reacts to it. I sometimes even alarmed by that.

As for the state, I would really like to see my country, my country - where I was the first president - to be quiet, peaceful and very convenient for people's lives. I would like people to have money in their pockets for essential things, to never feel flawed. For me it is good as for any president.

The main thing is that it is comfortable for you to live here. It is good when leaving for some country you start having home sickness on day two. I do have this feeling. I can't be away from home for more than two days. Not because I'm President, but because I cannot stand it as a person. I want every Belarusian and our guests to wish to return here. If your soul is here, my presidency has not been in vain.

Photo: Official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus