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Does Belarus President wear home-made clothing?

The most important event of last week was "The big conversation with the President of Belarus", which took place on February 3 in Minsk. Big conversation involves great topics and sharp questions. All of that was present here. We will try to fit the most important points in our program.

Journalists asked, of course, personal questions, too. The bright red tie caused someone to compare Alexander Lukashenko's suit with that of the new US president. Alexander Lukashenko commented on this analogy and revealed the secrets of his own presidential wardrobe.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
The suit is Belarusian. The shirt is imported. Someone sent me. The shirt is imported, but it is of high quality. The red tie, too, is not ours. I think you can't say I am trying to dress like Trump, because at the last press conference, as far as I remember, I was also in the red tie. Boots are from Marko [Belarusian shoe brand]. I took my old shoes and sent it to you, so that you make the same shoes, so since those times, I've been wearing Marko. If you do not believe, I can show you. Shoes are by Marko, socks... I don't see, they are black. Underpants are Belarusian too.

Photo: Official Internet portal of the President of the Republic of Belarus

Does Belarus President wear home-made clothing?