Belarus to lay off excessive public servants?


Belarus to lay off excessive public servants?

Continuous staff updates and performance discipline are the main tasks set by the President at the meeting with his administration on February 6. Alexander Lukashenko is sure that only those who want to work and benefit the country should remain in this structure.

As the main political headquarters of the head of state, the President's Administration should accumulate the most advanced ideas and be a powerful ideological center, where staff will have the necessary knowledge and work as a team.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
None of the concerns of our citizens should be left without your attention. And let us agree, it applies to all those present, you, the leadership of the Administration: if only once I hear a reproach towards you about unnecessary bureaucracy, consider that your work is bad. So start from today, no red tape, as it was in Soviet times... There are today complaints, petitions to the President, the Presidential Administration so don't send them down the vertical. That's right, people reproach us: "We appeal to the President as a last resort, but letters come to those against whom we complain." I will consider it harsh bureaucracy at a minimum. God forbid we find such facts. We need to clearly define ideology and build a certain system of ideological work in the state. We once tried to do it, based on the experience of the Soviet era, establishing common political days and so on. But it has turned into formalism and wild bureaucracy. We had "info Thursdays" and even a single awareness day. We wanted to send all the heads and their deputies to labor collectives so that they informed people about what is going on in Belarus. But are these people capable of doing their information work decently?
My requirements for the optimization of the state apparatus are unchanged. We need continuous staffing updates. Only those whose eyes are burning must stay in our system. There is no other way. Others simply should not work here.

The President also focused on the topic of national ideology. "Work in this direction must be built in a different way, moving away from formalism and artificiality," said Alexander Lukashenko. Structures that are subordinate to the President's Administration and leaders - charismatic, gifted, being able to convey ideas to people - must be involved in this process.

Natalia Kochanova, Head of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus: 
About 30% of civil servants working today at the Presidential Administration will be laid off. But when it comes to the figures, I can say that the Administration of the President is small - it includes 108 civil servants. Both the government and all republican governing bodies are now involved in the same work. Now we are working on a decree on optimization, which will determine the percent of layoffs for all other public institutions.