Housing construction rate in Minsk to be gradually reduced

Housing construction rate in Minsk to be gradually reduced

The rates of housing construction in Minsk will be gradually reduced, said the President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, at a meeting with public representatives of Belarusian and foreign mass media.

Alexander Lukashenko:
With regard to lending for housing, I also talked about it.

We first of all consider this question from the point of view of the locomotive of our economy, and we will try to create conditions for more housing construction.

You should gradually "forget" about Minsk, we will not build here that much in the future. At least as fast as it was before. I have already said that.

Therefore, we will work in this direction, but people need to understand that in order to come to the bank and take the free money, at an interest rate of 1%, it is necessary that someone comes to this bank and puts the money at 0.5%. Then, the bank could give you a loan at 1% interest. Yes, we allocate something from the budget, but these opportunities are limited because we cannot raise taxes. So then there will be less money for lending.

The economy must work more efficiently, which is our main task today.