President Lukashenko on results of 2016: Peace, stability and social protection

President Lukashenko on results of 2016: Peace, stability and social protection

How will salaries increase in Belarus? This question was the first that sounded during the big conversation with the Belarus President on February 3. At the moment the President continues the dialogue with representatives of the public and journalists.

Taking part in the dialogue are numerous experts. Reporters from all over the world are at the table. Here we saw American reporters from the business agency Bloomberg, representatives of the British BBC television, Polish journalists and so on... The President suggested discussing everything: from current problems to the results of 2016.

Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus:
We will talk about how 2016 went. Not everything worked, there are very serious external factors. But much has not been done because of ourselves. It also needs to be discussed. The main thing is that we were able to keep peace, stability, social protection of people. Again, some will cite me not being satisfied by these core values. I would like to send all these chatterboxes and scribblers to Donbass. Go there and talk with other people.

But to go further, we need a really frank discussion about issues that disturb readers, listeners, viewers, and all of us with you.

It's no secret: there are forces both here and outside that dream to involve Belarus into conflicts and chaos. Not everyone loves our quiet life.

Therefore, society now needs spiritual resistance and consolidation, a sense of responsibility for the fate of their country. Let's think about the fate of our children, our relatives, friends, loved ones, our nearest and dearest.

It brought together people of different beliefs, attitudes, but we are united in one thing - in our devotion to the fatherland, our independent Belarus. Again I read on the internet that I have not called everyone. Not everyone, I agree. There are no representatives of the Fifth Column here. But there are opposition-minded people here, who did not vote for the President, don't like the President and his policy.

But these are people who love their country. With such people am I ready to talk any time.