Alexander Lukashenko to hold press conference to answer people's pressing questions


Alexander Lukashenko to hold press conference to answer people's pressing questions

A few hours are left before the "big conversation with the President." The press conference will bring together more than 50 experts, as well as Belarusian and foreign journalists representing major media and popular Internet portals.

Nadezhda Yushkevich, head of economic and political department of the newspaper "Zvezda":
My question will relate to the so-called unpromising villages.

Alexander Logvinovich, chief editor of "Edititorial of the Brest regional newspaper Zarya":
We receive a lot of questions about employment. And so I would like to ask a question about attracting foreign investment. In my opinion, it is today one of the solutions to this problem.

The Belarus head of state will respond to the most pressing issues regarding the society and world events.

Alexander Lukashenko will be asked questions not only by journalists, but also by numerous experts, representatives of public associations and political parties.

Oleg Gaidukevich, first deputy chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party of the Republic of Belarus:
The very fact that the President invited leaders of political parties, political scientists, economists suggests that it is important for the President to head the maximum number of people.

I would like to have my own home and we are very interested in the issue of lending. Here, for example, about young families.

I am worried about health care provision in rural areas in view of the fact that my parents are old.

I am interested in the issue of employment of young specialists. My daughter has graduated from university and cannot find a job.