First Belarusian-American oncology conference due in Minsk in April 2017

First Belarusian-American oncology conference due in Minsk in April 2017

A care home for patients and their relatives will be constructed in the Centre of Oncology in Borovlyany near Minsk. This is a good and convenient alternative to a hospital ward.

For a small fee here you can undergo outpatient examination, which is much cheaper than inpatient treatment. However, every year patients from 25 countries come to the center.

The construction of the boarding house will greatly expand the possibilities of the center in the field of medical tourism, thus attracting more foreign patients.

Sergey Krasnyi, Deputy Director for Science, Centre of Oncology and Medical Radiology named after N.N. Alexandrov:
It would be very nice if arriving patients and their relatives could spend minimum time on an expensive inpatient bed. They can get individual catering. To date, it is not enough to carry out diagnosis and treatment at the highest level; now patients already require appropriate comfort.

Cancer problem is still relevant for Belarus - about 50,000 new patients are registered annually in Belarus.

This is due not only to negative but also positive aspects: increase in life expectancy and early diagnosis. Topping the ranking of people with the highest risk are the elderly.

However, statistics shows that the majority of cancers can be successfully treated.

This is facilitated by modern equipment and the introduction of new methods of treatment. Belarus achieves this including thanks to the exchange of experience with foreign experts. In April 2017 Minsk will host a conference for Belarusian and American oncologists on onco-urology and gynecologic oncology. Scientists and medical practitioners are going to agree on cooperation and mutual research.