Unusual names of newborn Minsk residents

Unusual names of newborn Minsk residents

For the first time over the past 20 years,the birth rate exceeded the death rate in Belarus in 2016. Nowadays, we can say that the residents of Minsk have begun to give birth more often and with greater desire.

Darya Svyatushenko, young mother:
2016 was very important for me, since I gave birth to a daughter, who was a long-awaited child.

During 2016,Minsk’s demographic records did not cease to amaze. Only in the period from March to November, 6,500 inhabitants were born in Minsk.

We were able to achieve such positive results and a high birth rate due to favorable conditions created for young parents. There are 11 kinds of benefits, support for families with many children and a lump sum payment at the birth of a baby. Good medical services in Minsk are known also outside of Belarus.

The city authorities have prepared a pleasant surprise for one resident of Minsk. According to estimates of the National Statistics Committee, the two millionth resident of the capital will be born at the end of 2017. This Minsk resident will receivean apartment as a gift.

Many people are thinking about a name for their children.

The most popular female names in Minsk in 2016were Sofia, Maria, Anna and Daria. Boys were more often named Artem, Maksim, Mikhail and Ivan. Nevertheless, such names as Natalia and Yuri were themost unclaimed.

Anastasia Blyudnik, young mother:
We named our daughter Varvara. We didn’t want any foreign name. We wanted  something more traditional and Russian. So we decided to name our daughter Varvara. I’ve always liked this name.

Many of modern parents try to give their child a surprising and unusual name. Some citizens of Minsk namedtheirchildrenveryunusually in 2016. There were registered Priyanka, Yunona, Azalea, Raphael, Mars, Sebastian, Jakub, Francis and Spartak.

Darya Svyatushenko, young mother:
I wanted to name our child Yesenia or Kalina, but my husband didn’t agree. He still offered his variants.  And finally we named our daughter Emilia.

There is no limit fancy of some parents. In the Ivanov family, common surname is compensated for by uncommon names of the family members. They have six children and each name has a special meaning. For example, Irina and Andrei namedthe eldest daughter Rada (the meaning is happy), because the girl was the first great joy in their family life.

The other children’s names are Veleslav, Zlatozar, Darina, Milana and Gordey.

Parents began to notice that some of the features of their children are formed according to their names. For example, Gordey is diligent and proud boy, Milana is very sweet and charming, and Veleslav is brave and noble. Many people are hesitant to give unusual names to children, but, according to the head of this family, these fears are groundless.

Adults, who were given uncommon names in their childhood, prove it. In childhood, our heroine Gamida didn’t like her name. But as soon as she discovered whysuch an unusual name appeared, she loved it unconditionally.

Gamida Valiyeva:
In fact, I was named after my grandfather. My mother was very fond of her father.

Even during pregnancy Gamida’s mother knew exactly how to name the girl. Nevertheless, the father did not guess of these plans.

Parents of this boy, Vladlen, were choosing the name for their boy for a long time.The family thought that this name is European. But it turned out that Vladlen is an abbreviation that stands for Vladimir Lenin, famous Bolshevik leader.

No matter how you name your baby in 2017, but remember that a name, as many people believe, defines the character of a person for the entire life.