Treasure discovered inside bronze Frog-Traveler sculpture in Grodno

Treasure discovered inside bronze Frog-Traveler sculpture in Grodno

In Grodno, tourists themselves chose the sculpture near which they made wishes. It is the bronze Frog-Traveler in the center of the city.

Foreigners’ interest in the character of the famous fairy tale arouse accidentally. The frog sculpture needed restoration. Thus, it was taken for repairs to its creator – the well-known Grodno’s sculptor Vladimir Panteleyev.

When the author separated the object from the pedestal, he discovered a real treasure inside the sculpture: hryvnias, zlotys, euros and Lithuanian litai. Judging by the rust on the coins, tourists set their hearts on the frog long ago.

Vladimir Panteleyev, the sculptor:
I saw that people occasionally shoved something under the frog, but I was amazed when I discovered how many coins were inside. I suppose the quantity was incomplete. People or children are likely to have pulled some coins out. Now we plan to make a small chest in order to make a coin collection.

The author wants to put the money into a frame and give it to the tourist information center as a souvenir. In parallel, the sculptor has already started making a sketch of a small chest, which will be installed next to the ‘money’ sculpture. Thus, he will manage to preserve both traditions and the sculpture.