Belarus to face Romania in Davis Cup Euro-African zone Group I


Belarus to face Romania in Davis Cup Euro-African zone Group I

The match of group I of the Euro-African zone of the Davis Cup between Belarus and Romania will be held from 3 to 5 February in Minsk's Tennis Academy. At the request of the members of the Belarus national team unique coating has been laid here specifically for this tie.

The Belarusian tennis players have a task of realizing their own potential.

Vladimir Voltchkov, Belarus men's tennis team captain:
The match really looks like 50/50. On paper and according to feelings. Therefore, by and large, those who will be better off emotionally will win. I am pleased with the preparatory process of Ilya, Yegor and Yaroslav. Today they are in a very good physical, tennis, emotional state.

Opponents of the Belarusians, the tennis national team of Romania, have already arrived in Minsk. They noted the unusual cover, to which they have not yet adapted. One of the members of the visiting team is a doubles player, medalist of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Horia Tecau, who for a long time played in a duo with Belarusian Max Mirnyi.

Horia Tecau, Romanian national team:
This is my first time in Belarus, although I have long known Max Mirnyi. I don't know the rest of your guys and will get familiar with them in the course of the tournament. The upcoming game will be very interesting, I want to see Mirnyi on the other side of the net. I would really like to know Minsk much better and see not only the hotel and the courts. And, of course, I would like to see the Academy of Max Mirnyi.

And the Romanian did what he planned to. Horia was impressed by the scope and scale of the center.

Horia Tecau:
The first thing I want to note is that the school is designed for children, for young athletes, who may be involved in tennis from an early age. The entire system, which is organized here (the sports hall, the gym, rooms for fitness) - everything helps develop tennis in the country.

Tecau now wants to implement something similar in Romania too.

Horia Tecau:
If we manage to organize our sports school, I will of course invite Max at the opening ceremony together with his father Nikolai. I believe that their visit will take place soon.