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Belarus to increase fines for improper advertising of medicinal products

Belarus plans to increase fines for the improper advertising of medicines. Penalties for legal entities will be up to 200 basic units, for entrepreneurs up to 100, but the individual may pay from 10 to 50 base units.

As noted by the Ministry of Commerce, more than half of all improper advertisements are placed on the Internet. In 2016 Belarus limited access to two websites which advertised products with allegedly healing properties and two websites selling fake sick leaves.

In 2017, two violations were identified. Moreover, both site owners and the advertisers may be held accountable.

Inna Gavrilchik, Ministry of antimonopoly regulation and trade of the Republic of Belarus:
Fines that exist today, apparently, are not very frightening. Though I must pay tribute to the work of the producers of medicines in the advertising market, because they are quite serious about their ads.

Sale of medicines is permitted in pharmacies. However, it is impossible to advertise them without coordination with the Ministry of Health. This is a guarantee of security and quality control over the storage conditions of drugs.

Belarus increases fines for improper advertising of medicinal products