Study or sleep: how pupils in Belarus respond to sixth school day?

Study or sleep: how pupils in Belarus respond to sixth school day?

This Saturday became the start of the first working week for pupils and teachers. Class teachers, subject teachers and school psychologists work on the sixth school day in Belarus. On this day, students prepare for Centralized Testing, which is a university entry test in Belarus, visit sports classes, take part in sports activities, take additional classes in English and prepare for final examinations in schools and gymnasiums.

Consultations are carried out now on Saturdays. Both pupils and parents can visit them.

Tatiana Kontsevaya, mother of a 11th-form pupil:
It's a really good innovation because it is possible to come to any subject teacher.

Dmitry Protasevich, history teacher at school number 5 in Minsk:
Extracurricular activities on Saturdays is not new for the school.

It is necessary to plan the working week and avoid overloading. The sixth day of school is actually a perfect option for that.

Of course, the classes don’t begin at 8 am. Also, teachers work actively on labor education on that day.

Both the most gifted pupils and those who aren’t succeeding at school can come for extra classes on Saturdays.

Anastasia Kobotova, CTV:
And those for whom school electives were a too dull affair took part in ‘school Olympics’ today. For each of them this is the unique Olympic Games, where it is difficult to influence the jury decision, but so important to win.