Belarusian grenade launcher to be tested in 2017

Belarusian grenade launcher to be tested in 2017

New radar systems, a series of electronic warfare and testing of domestic grenade launcher are among the plans of the State Military Industry Committee for 2017.

Particular attention is given to anti-aircraft missile systems, the development of unmanned aircraft, in particular, the creation of unmanned aircraft systems long range and duration of flight.

An important achievement of the Belarusian military industry is the multiple launch rocket system Polonez.

In 2017, the Polonez complex will be improved: the firing range is set to be increased by one and a half times (300 kilometers).

Sergei Gurulev, Chairman of the State Military and Industrial Committee of the Republic of Belarus:
Polonez's firing range will reach 300 kilometers. We have a plan, a schedule. This year we will be testing our grenade launcher, an anti-tank missile system. We are completing work on a variety of anti-aircraft missile systems (currently we are talking about medium-range complexes). The basis is currently Buk-MB.

Belarus is starting mass production of light armored vehicles for different purposes and classes. Among the new products are intelligence, radar, fire and sanitation cars.

The lineup will be presented on July 3 during the Independence Day parade.