Belarus and Egypt to establish joint greenhouses

Belarus and Egypt to establish joint greenhouses

Joint greenhouses is one of the most promising projects of Belarusian-Egyptian cooperation. Representatives of the government and business circles of the Arab Republic visited Belarus towns Orsha and Vitebsk January 30.

Representatives of Egypt are primarily interested in the agricultural sector and food production. The guests asked a lot about technology of cultivation of vegetables and ornamental plants in our greenhouses. They also admired the production of canned meat for children.

Director of the Food Safety Department of the Agency for National Projects, Egypt:
Egypt is interested in cooperation with Belarus. We are ready to establish closer ties between the two countries. We've seen much, much remains to be done. At the end of the visit we will be able to talk about some projects in a more specific way.

Leonid Zayats, Minister of Agriculture and Food:
They are interested in greenhouse vegetables, processing of poultry meat, grain, bakery and some other items.

The food industry of Belarus organized an exhibition especially for the guests. The Egyptians were offered to taste Belarusian meat and dairy products.