Belarus says goodbye to People's Artist singer Alexander Tikhanovich

Belarus says goodbye to People's Artist singer Alexander Tikhanovich

Belarus said farewell to famous singer Alexander Tikhonovich. The People's Artist died on Saturday aged 64. On January 30 morning, a funeral liturgy and funeral service was held at the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky. Tikhanovich was not only a parishioner of the church, but also a chorister.

The farewell ceremony was attended by the musician's family, friends, colleagues, and numerous admirers.

The Belarus President also sent a wreath of flowers to the ceremony.

Alexander Tikhanovich was buried on the Vostochnoye cemetery, next to the grave of his father. Today the whole of Belarus is talking about him.

Minsk residents:
Today, all the people of Belarus mourn about such a wonderful person. Sasha. Good, bright, responsive, he could never refuse...

Vasily Zharko, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus:
He is truly the People's Artist, the whole nation knows him and loves him. His openness, kindness, good humor stuck everyone.

Alexei Khlestov, singer:
Despite the fact that he had a lot of awards, Alexander was always there for everyone. He was open and truthful.

Yuri Vashchuk, singer:
This is a man who always met everyone with open arms. Be it a young actor or a person of another profession. He always first greeted someone if he or she joined his company. He was always very open. Probably, it is difficult to list all the people he helped.

Larisa Gribaleva, singer:
He will remain in my heart as "Dad" on the stage, to whom I could turn to if I had something bad or something did not work.

Igor Marzalyuk, deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus:
Tikhanovich was the artist of the word, as a musician he was the archetype of a Belarusian, Belarusian culture.

Viktor Babarikin, artistic director and chief conductor of the Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus:
It is very painful that such people leave. And, of course, we will all miss him.

Eduard Khanok, People's Artist of Belarus:
Talking with him was a pleasure. He always gave us some tea and talked.

Minsk residents:
Always that smile. How good and humane he was!

A simple man, a representative of the people. Very nice, charismatic. Everyone loves him.

Joyful, kind, great. A successful man who always wished people all the good things. He is a believer.

He will remain for us a person who will rise and always help you.

A man with a big heart, a big and good. A talented musician, symbol of the country and a symbol of the era.