Belarus to ship equipment for microchips to India

Belarus to ship equipment for microchips to India

Belarus plans to supply equipment for the production of microchips to India. The unique development of Belarusian scientists allows increasing the speed of manufacturing boards by several times and also significantly reducing the final cost.

There are no analogues to such equipment on the post-Soviet space. The technology is used by the enterprises of Belarus, Russia and China. Foreign partners are interested in other developments of Belarus, too. On January 27, many of them were presented at an exhibition of achievements in the National Academy of Sciences.

All in all, there are about 500 developments - from agriculture to cloud computing.

Maxim Ryzhenkov, First Deputy Head of Presidential Administration of the Republic of Belarus:
Today we have to have at least half of managers who will identify these developments in a timely manner and, without going through all the red tape, consider this product. Not just as an idea of ​​a scientist but a product of Belarus, which is in demand, which will be sold, which determines the development of our country tomorrow.

Because it is import substitution, it is the positioning of the country in the international arena, and many issues of employment. If everyone looks at scientists as person who are capable of creating something useful, then we will succeed.

On the eve of Day of Belarusian Science, authors of the best innovations of 2016 were awarded.

Among the top 10 was a technology that allows detecting cancer tumors in the earliest stages.

Some technologies were shown that allow regenerating nerve cells or growing rye in test tubes.