People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich passes away January 28

People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich passes away January 28

This is one of the last performances of Alexander Tikhanovich on television. A few hours before the new and his last year, he was still full of plans. He describes ruby ​​wedding with his wife Yadviga, Francysk Skaryna Order, the new album and tour in Canada.

Alexander Tikhanovich:
I wish you love and happiness, health, peace and mercy of God, prosperity, all the best.

He never knew how to fake things, his soul has always been open to people. That's why he did not consider himself a star, but actually he was truly the national actor - our Alexander Tikhanovich.

Sergey Dovgal, a close friend of Alexander Tikhanovich:
He wrote me a letter yesterday. I realized that the letter was written in order to say goodbye, that was a farewell letter to me: "Dear Serge, thank kind God, he's with me. I pray, I try to fight, but my life is in the hands of the Lord. And dear God will decide what will be correct. I hug you tight and I ask ..."

The musical career of Alexander Tikhanovich started in Minsk. It was here that he first touched music and since then he never left it. He meets his future wife Yadviga Poplavskaya in order to go with her along a life path and always with a song.

This star duo was famous all over the Soviet Union. They were applauded even in Finland and Bulgaria.

In the 1980s, literally the whole country sang their song "Malinovka". The duo gave joy to millions of people. Even in the 21st century, they received standing ovations.

Alexander Solodukha, singer:
Unfortunately, sooner or later people go to heaven. But it is very difficult to realize it in those seconds, in those moments when you learn about that. Especially when people who shine brightly leave us.

Alexander Tikhanovich was an incredibly open-minded person. Within a minute after you meet him it seems you've been best friends with him for a long time.

Anatoly Yarmolenko, People's Artist of Belarus:
He was a very energetic, active man. He was a man-engine, he always had a time for a joke and he undertook everything he could undertake.

Alexander Tikhanovich helped young performers. He prepared many Belarusian participants of Eurovision.

Alena Lanskaya:
In him I always found inspiration, we from time to time met at events and for some reason, the last time I saw him, when he and I were photographed on the "Song of the Year" at Minsk Arena, a thought crossed my mind: "What if this is our last picture? "That's the way it happened, unfortunately.

This is his last appearance on the CTV - a month ago - with belief that everything will be well in the new year.

Love one another was an eternal and immutable recipe from Alexander Tikhanovich. He told this to all and always.

Valery Skorozhonok:
He loved funny stories, anecdotes, jokes. I also collect them. We exchanged, laughed and joked. That's how I will remember him - fun, outgoing, kind person.

With his wife Yadviga, they sang and lived in unison. It was Belarus' most recognizable couple. They shared everything: life and stage, and even offers - during an interview.

Alexander Tikhanovich:
Being an active member of our society, of our lives...

Yadviga Poplavskaya:
... because it is we who build our lives.

He was also a deeply religious man. He was always looking for his own way to God.

Archpriest Feodor Povnyi, senior priest of All Saints parish:
I used to get messages from him asking to pray before the beginning of a business, a concert, or when he was sick. Yesterday morning he sent me a text message: "I'm sorry for everything."

He was known all over the world, and he loved his Minsk infinitely. He grew in the heart of the city and here his heart stopped beating, on a deep winter night when snow was falling over Minsk.

The Belarus President also sent his condolences to the family and friends of People's Artist of Belarus Alexander Tikhanovich. A funeral ceremony for the artist will be held on Monday, January 30, at the Belarusian State Philharmonic.